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Leiko Ishizuka Japan

Leiko Ishizuka, a Franco-Japanese from New York, sees opportunity in crisis, japan crisis, reform from within, inner transformation, article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, tsunami, nuclear crisis Japan and future. Continue reading

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Japan, Music and the Spirit

Children and happiness, empowering children, music and the spirit, Shinichi Suzuki, Japan. Continue reading

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Lifetrack press

Lifetrack press, Dr. Yukio Ishizuka psychiatric expert on major networks such as NBC, NHK (Japan), Fuji-Television (Japan), TV Asahi (Japan) and Antenne 2 (France). Also New York Times, Newsweek, USA today, Reader’s digest, Psychiatric News, L’Express (France), Voice (Japan), and Nikkei Business (Japan). First book Self-Actualization sold over 45,000 copies in Japan. The book was reprinted nine times. Continue reading

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The Psychology of Individuals and International Affairs

Psychology of individuals and international affairs, a list of interviews, talks, articles, works, lectures by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka and Nathalie Ishizuka on international affairs including thesis on Japanese Constitution and Collective Security with comments by the founder of 1946 Japanese Constitution, Colonel Charles Kades. Continue reading

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Japan and Psychology

Dr. Yukio Ishizuka’s articles, interviews and lectures on models of the individual to the Japanese, Japanese Organization, Japan, and Japan’s role in international affairs. Continue reading

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