Japan, Music and the Spirit

Japanese Earthquake : Empowering Children

Dimitri (age 6) and Leiko (age 4) asked me what they could do for Japanese children after the terrible earthquake and tsunami.  I did not know what to respond.  And so they taught me something.

All of us can do something; something quite ordinary, but powerful.  To provide a moment of silence or better yet, music for Japan.  It is not so much in grandiose acts, but in ordinary everyday ones that we make a difference.  And so both Dimitri and Leiko played the piano on Saturday 9th April 2011 for 15 minutes.  Both played their best, they played with their heart, and with no audience.

The organization for Belgium raised 3066 euros and will be sending the money this Friday to Japan.  Dimitri and Leiko — thanks to their sponsors –together raised 250 euros for the Japanese and their children.  Donors also in the US on their behalf gave to Japanese organizations, including a project to help re-build a hospital in an area of devastation.

Many thanks to all of you who on that day contributed with donations or with your thoughts, prayers, or music of your own.  Through the arts, and music, we all speak the same language.  Through that language we can lift the spirit.  Shin’ichi Suzuki raised ours by helping countless children develop sensitivity, self discipline and a noble character.

Today, by raising our own spirit a bit higher, by envisioning what is most noble in the human spirit, we join him and countless Japanese emerge from crisis.

Dimitri and Leiko would like to thank all of you.  Together with their parents they would like to tell the Japanese that it is through beauty, spirit and a desire to elevate ourselves that we are making a difference.  Shin’ichi Suzuki knew this truth, and we must live it with our Japanese neighbors, friends and loved ones.  And so it is us, who thank Japan and the Japanese for inspiring us with their calm, endurance and noble spirit.

with love, Dimitri and Leiko

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