Overcoming Fear

Fear of Love, Fear of Work, Fear of People


Fear and love, love and fear go together.

Some experience fear as a fear of people, others as a fear of bad love that ultimately disappoints, still others as fear of failure or fear of death.

Fear and love accompanies each other, as we push ourselves far beyond a previous best level of intimacy, self or achievement.

Only, after we push ourselves several times beyond a previous best, does fear lessen.  As such, fear should not stop us as we build inner health.  Our goal is not to lessen fear at all costs, but to experience inner health and happiness despite fear and initial resistance.

Fear and Love: Fear of the Unknown?  Fear of People ?!

Stress or fear can be encountered as we build inner health beyond a previous best level of achievement, intimacy or self.

In the Lifetrack model of positive mental health, Dr. Yukio Ishizuka defines and measures fear as the five stress types (anxiety, anger, physical-symptoms, depression or psychosis).   Some experience this fear as a fear of love, a fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of people, others as a fear of success (fear as one move towards a desirable goal).

In achievement, fear may take the form of feelings such as ‘ I don’t want to work ‘ or ‘ I have too much work ‘, or simply being fed up with ‘ endless weekend work .’  A need to trim work, a creative and increasing number of work excuses, or the loss of work motivation are all signals that one is exceeding one’s capacity to cope.

In relationships, fear may be experienced as you grapple with the question of whether and when is a relationship over, a fear of people, a fear of bad love, a fear of love hate relationships, being overwhelmed with marriage life, intimacy in marriage, fear of commitment, or growing marriage intimacy.

Hate Life Itself ?

Do you hate life itself?  The incapacity to be at peace, in touch or in control of one’s self prevents one to live laugh love.

To overcome fear one must learn to love again, to find meaning in what we do, and a sense of lightness in life.  One does this by building intimacy, achievement and self at much higher levels than a previous best– despite fear.  This is not easy and when an individual is depressed this often involves professional help.  It is important to seek help early and not wait until when is no longer willing or able to reach out.

To overcome fear one must understand the nature of fear or stress (stress definition), the types of fear or stress symptoms (stress types), and (stress techniques) to overcome challenges.  The perspective that fear or stress can be an opportunity for a breakthrough is the first step to changing one’s life (going far beyond ‘ I hate life ‘ to a new experience of wellbeing.)

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