Intimacy Sphere

The intimacy sphere extends one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions beyond the self to become close to another human being.

Different types of intimate relationships such as that with a parent, spouse, significant other, children, friend(s), God or the universe bolsters the psyche.

A Close Interdependent Intimate Relationship

There are many forms of intimacy.  A couple relationship, however, enables human beings to experience fullest union of personality, in all three dimensions of human intimacy – Intellectual/Social, Emotional, and Physical/Sexual.  It is for this reason, that in Lifetrack therapy, Dr. Yukio Ishizuka focuses on marriage intimacy or the development of an equivalent close couple relationship.

Through breakthrough intimacy, he facilitates a transformation of personality to encompass larger, intimacy, achievement and self spheres.  This initial breakthrough in the intimacy sphere influences profoundly the Achievement and Self sphere.

Each of the three spheres influences the others.  No sphere exists in isolation.

Love Definition, Closeness Definition, Intimacy Definition

Love is an over-used word.  In the context of an adult couple relationship love means different things to different people.  In the Lifetrack model we use the word intimacy or closeness.  We refer to such intimacy in the couple relationship because such intimacy has the potential for the greatest level of emotional, physical and intellectual-social in human relationships.

Intellectual-Social: How close you are in the intellectual-social dimension

Accept:  Your willingness and ability to accept your partner
Depend: Your willingness and ability to trust and depend upon your partner
Let Depend:  Your willingness and ability to let your partner depend on you

Emotional:  How close you are in the emotional dimension

Concern: Your thoughtfulness and concern over your partner’s wellbeing
Affection:  Your willingness and ability to feel and express affection
Love:  Your willingness and ability to feel and express love

Physical-Sexual:  How close you are in the physical-sexual dimension

Togetherness: The extent to which you want to be (and enjoy being) together
Sensualness:  The extent to which you desire and enjoy touching, holding, kissing and caressing
Sexual Excitement: The extent to which you desire and enjoy giving and receiving sexual excitement


Closeness is defined as all 3 dimensions of intimacy (intellectual-social, emotional, physical-sexual) or in all 9 elements: accept, depend, let depend, concern, affection, love, togetherness, sensualness and sexual-excitement.

Couples are asked to increase these nine elements of intimacy far beyond a previous best level of adjustment.  Those who arrive single in Lifetrack therapy are encouraged to find someone and are helped to become closer to that individual.

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Love Definition, Intimacy Definition, Closeness Definition
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