Nations and National Health

Models of the Nation State that interact with the Individual and Organizational Models can be useful for analyzing different levels of analysis.

Selected Readings and Lectures:

Ishizuka, Nathalie.  “A Trinitarian Model of War and Peace,” Working Paper submitted to Herbert Kelman for his class, Social-Psychological Approaches to International Conflict, Harvard University.

Ishizuka, Y., and Ishizuka N. ” ‘Fear of Closeness’ Underlies Interpersonal as Well as International Conflicts,” Proceedings of World Congress of Psychiatry, Spain, 1996.

Ishizuka, Y., “The U.S.-Japan Relationship from a Psychological Perspective” A panel on the U.S. – Japan Relationship, with Prof. Paul R. Krugman and others, Tufts University, Medford, MA (45 minutes)

Ishizuka, Yukio.  “The Japanese Mind: Its Implications for Corporations and Nations” The Institute for Global Business Strategy, Distinguished Lecture Series, Pace University, New York, November 12,1991 (3 hours)

Ishizuka, Yukio.  “The Japanese Mind: Its Implications for the U.S.-Japan Relationship” AT&T Global Business Symposium, with Mr. Clyde Prestowitz and others, Bedminster, NJ, December 12,1991 (1.5 hours)

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A Need for Models based on Healthy Human Beings

Organizational and International behavior should be based on assumptions about healthy human beings.  Read section a Science of Health (life way), Criteria for Health Models (science of happiness), Happiness Defined? Quantified?  (cycle of life),  Happier? (fear of the unknown),  Why Positive Mental Health Works (objective subjective), and Insights (life purpose).

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Ready Made Descriptions to Link to Organizational and International Behavior:

Individual Health, Organizational Health, National Health
Applications about healthy human beings to economics, international affairs, nations, organizational behavior.  A new organizational behavior concept or simply a new field of international behavior based on healthy human beings?


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