Goal Happiness?


Q : Is the goal of Lifetrack Positive Mental Health happiness?

A: Yes, the goal of Lifetrack is happiness or wellbeing!!

Yet the means to achieve well-being and happiness is not to be mistaken with seeking pleasure.  Those who seek happiness directly through pleasure rarely find it!  Those who build self, strong intimate relationships (with others, to a spouse or equivalent, nature, God or the universe) and achievement with a great sense of life purpose often experience frequent and longer lasting peaks of wellbeing (peace, friendliness, wellbeing, physical health, mastery) throughout their lives.

Happiness and well-being are a by-product of experiencing and growing one’s three spheres of inner existence.  Happiness and well-being result when one lives fully in the present in all three spheres of life (self, one’s close relationships and achievements) with a sense of love, lightness and joy.

Happiness means different things to different people.

Some people mistake happiness as pleasure or some–more modestly–a mere release from pain.  Whatever definition you have of happiness, what remains important is not the words you use, but the experience itself.

Not to confuse happiness with pleasure, the Lifetrack model uses a broader definition of well-being that encompasses happiness.  Dr. Yukio Ishizuka has defined and measured well-being as positive peaks of: peace, friendliness, physical well-being, happiness and a sense of mastery.

Well-being comes from within, it does not come from what we do externally.

One experiences inner happiness and well-being through our three spheres of psychological existence.

When inner transformation occurs, not only do peaks of wellbeing increase, but negative peaks decrease.

A new personality emerges with a more lasting sense of well-ness and health.  Peaks of anxiety, anger, physical symptoms, depression or psychosis may disappear altogether or surface only occasionally.  Behind them lies a far greater sense of well-being, a deeper penetrating sense of peace, friendliness, physical wellbeing, happiness and mastery.

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