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Psychology and Economic Integration

Working paper on GATT or WTO and Psychology, International Behavior, WTO secretariat and role, role of international organizations in economic integration; negotiation rounds by Nathalie Ishizuka. Comments by Arthur Dunkel, former Head of GATT (now WTO). Continue reading

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Economics and Psychology : Oliver Williamson Assumption about Human Actors

Economics and psychology, applying an assumption about healthy human beings to Oliver Williamson’s (Nobel Prize in Economics) theory in transaction cost economics (TCE). Nature of man, role affect (fear) plays in decision making, economics and psychology, economics and cognition, make or buy decision. Continue reading

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Applications of Psychology to Organizations, Nations, International Affairs

Applications about healthy human beings or the nature of man to economics, organizations, international affairs, Japan, nations, negotiation, crisis management and diplomacy, economic integration, war, political science Continue reading

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Nathalie Ishizuka

Nathalie Leiko Ishizuka. Mentors who led her to explore an understanding of healthy human beings, a science of health, criteria for health models, defining health and happiness, and a personality model based on health (Lifetrack). Her interest in interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the mind and applying assumptions about healthy human beings to a variety of disciplines including Olivier Williamson’s 2010 Nobel Laureate in Economics. The Japan crisis, individual and national transformation. Continue reading

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