Books on Happiness and Health for Children

Based on Lifetrack concepts of happiness and health, Nathalie Ishizuka is writing a series of books to be enjoyed by children and their parents.  The list of Lifetrack books for children will be posted here:

Topic: One of a Kind, Stress Children, Bullying Effects

Mom Says, Dad Says, Nat Says: Other

Illustrated and written by Nathalie Ishizuka, 60 color pages soft cover,
ISBN 1-59113-741-1. $24.95 published by Booklocker 2005, visit

OTHER is about enjoying our differences.  The book appeals to anyone who has ever felt different, including geniuses, the highly creative, or those who have experienced bullying effects including minorities, those from multi-cultural backgrounds, interracial relationships, ex-pats with more than one identity, or anyone suffering from a label including those with a disability.

Visit the Press Room for Mom Says, Dad Says, Nat Says: Other.

Future Books?

Nathalie Ishizuka’s next book on happiness and health for children is about Time (The Art of Living in the Moment).

List of Books on Stress Children

Please leave suggestions for children books here that promote health, happiness, and coping strategies.  We will pass them along.  Please note that the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators’ have also put together “Finding Comfort in Books: Publishers Recommend Books for Children Dealing with Crisis and Tragedy.”  If your book falls into that category or if you are seeking such books visit for more details.

Visit to understand individuals at their best, happiest, and most creative form.  Link to us to promote health and happiness.

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