Applications About Healthy Human Beings to Other Fields?

Behind Science, Simple Assumptions about the Nature of Human Beings
Behind every social science are some fundamental and simple assumptions about the nature of human beings and human personality.  When models of science incorporate assumptions about humans in our optimal most creative form, we can understand better what we are truly capable of, as well as our limits.  Models about healthy human beings can provide new insights into our organizations, and international affairs, forming not only a new individual science, but new organizational models, and a more comprehensive science of international behavior.

All Models of Man are Working Models in Progress

Some of the work on this site applies a healthy assumption about human beings to other fields (for example to the work of the 2009 Nobel Laureate in Economics).  Other work attempts to bring to life conceptual models that can be used as a level of analysis (individual, organizational, national or international).  At the core of such models are Lifetrack assumptions about healthy human beings.

Naturally, human beings are not organizations or nations.  However, having models that can interact as systems allows us to understand how each unit of analysis influences and impacts the whole.

New Models Based on an Individual Model of Health

In the future, we would enjoy working on such models and applications further, but now our priority is to get one individual model of health and personality known and used on a wider scale by the general public.

Manage with an Understanding of Healthy Human Beings

We encourage politicians, CEOs, and scientists, to think about the assumptions about the nature of man or human personality that underlie a healthy nation, organization or any field of science.

We encourage academics to build models based on an understanding of healthy human beings or models of human personality that can explain man at his best, most creative form as well as in distress. These models should encompass our potential and our limits.

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Apply assumptions about healthy human beings to your firm, to science, to organizations, nations or international affairs.  If you have a syllabus or other interesting links on the study of healthy human beings and applications to sciences, send it to Nathalie Ishizuka through the contact page. She will find a means to share some of these links, works, or articles on healthy human beings.

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A Need for Models Based On Healthy Human Beings

Organizational and International behavior should be based on assumptions about healthy human beings.  Read section a Science of Health (life way), Criteria for Health Models (science of happiness), Happiness Defined? Quantified?  (cycle of life),  Happier? (fear of the unknown),  Why Positive Mental Health Works (objective subjective), and Insights (life purpose).

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