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Lifetrack Positive Mental Health & Lifetrack Therapy:

What does it mean to be well?  For a positive definition of health please download the article (3MB) on Lifetrack therapy by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka published in Psychiatr J. Univ Ottawa, Vol. 13, No. 4, 1988.

Lifetrack Positive Mental Health and Your Happiness:

  • Insight into subjective happiness or spheres of psychological life that contribute to health including self, intimacy, achievement, well-being, stress, physical health, the objective subjective experience of health, and life purpose.
  • A method to monitor the inner experience of happiness (subjective nature of happiness) in spheres that promote health (self, intimacy and achievement).
  • A method to increase positive peaks of peace, friendliness, physical wellbeing, happiness, mastery.
  • The reduction of negative peaks or stress (anxiety, anger, physical symptoms, depression, psychosis) while building psychological health.
  • The capacity to welcome crises (aggravation of symptoms) as opportunities to make breakthroughs and overcome a fear of the unknown (including happiness).
  • Freedom from the stigma of ‘mental illness,’ and the empowerment to build and sustain one’s own health, happiness, and psychological well-being far beyond a previous best level of adjustment.
  • Insights on human defenses against intimacy and how to become far happier and closer in the most important couple relationship.
  • Transformation and growth of personality (one’s self, intimacy and achievement) spheres through increased closeness to the most important person in your life (when single find love,  or how to develop an important relationship, if desired).

Breakthrough Intimacy

Intimacy as a Route to Personality Transformation

The Lifetrack model of positive mental health transforms existing personality through ‘breakthrough intimacy, (a breakthrough in one’s closest most intimate relationship).

Breakthrough Intimacy helps individuals reach and far exceed a significantly higher level of happiness and well-being in their closest and most important relationship (spouse or equivalent) and affects all spheres of life including a formidable breakthrough in a person’s sense of self and work.

Criteria for Models of Health

The Lifetrack positive mental health model withstands the demanding criteria put forth by the American psychologist Maria Jahoda in 1958 on “Current Concepts of Positive Mental Health”.  Jahoda produced these criteria under the direction of Dr. Jack R. Ewalt, the former Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

The Lifetrack positive mental health model is a new paradigm in the science of health, well-being, human personality, and happiness.  Dr. Yukio Ishizuka has developed and tested it in his daily practice with patients, helping thousands of individuals build and surpass a previous best level of happiness, well-being and optimal adjustment.

The Same Health Model for All

By placing health and disease on a continuum, rather than viewing them as two separate poles of human experience, the Lifetrack positive mental health model helps those suffering from psychological distress, those who are well, and all those falling somewhere in between.  It is equally appealing to those with borderline personality disorders and individuals at their healthiest most creative form.

Success is not the absence of disease, but the attainment of an optimal level of health, several times over our previous best sense of health and happiness.

More on Lifetrack

For more information see Lifetrack books, FAQ (Life Questions), Lifetrack Press, and download a succinct article from Ottawa Journal of Psychiatry on Lifetrack therapy.

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Lifetrack Positive Mental Health
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Lifetrack Positive Mental Health
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