Happiness and Health

Happiness and Health

Happiness means different things to different people.

Some seek it above all else, others believe it will arrive by accident.

The Aspiration for Inner Happiness

Most of us wish to be free from conflict, suffering, struggle or pain.  Many aspire to be happy, to go beyond pain and experience positive peaks of wellbeing.  Of course happiness means different things to different people.

Defining Happiness and Health?

Inner health in the Lifetrack model is defined as positive peaks of peace, friendliness, physical well-being, happiness and mastery.  They are inner states but can also be accompanied by their opposites: anxiety, anger, physical symptoms, depression or psychosis.

As we attempt to increase the positive peaks in our life, negative peaks will also arise. That is normal and to be expected.  Positive and negative peaks are not self-exclusive. With the good can come the bad and vice-versa.  With a loving relationship can come its loss or termination, with the achievement of a goal can come disappointment or a new goal to replace the old one.

Accept the Inevitable Negatives and Increase Positives

To be happy, we have to accept the inevitable negatives in life as we continue to increase our experience of positive peaks.   We do this by being fully aware of the self, being present in our intimate relationships and by meaningful achievement.  When we successfully increase positive peaks while accepting the inevitable negative peaks, we can maintain longer states of well-being.

Definition of Wellbeing:

Positive peak : Positive Peak experiences (within a given rating period)

Peace :  Feelings of peace, relaxation and safety
Friendliness : Friendly, positive feelings toward those around you
Physical Wellbeing : A feeling that you are healthy and strong
Happiness :  Feelings of happiness and contentment; a feeling of being fulfilled
Mastery : Confidence and optimism; a feeling that you are master of your own fate

Well-being: Peace, Friendliness, Physical Well-being, Happiness and Mastery

Definitions are Stepping Stones to Experience Health


Do not get caught up in definitions.  Your definition of happiness may be different from someone else’s.

In inner health, it is your experience that counts and not a definition.  Definitions are stepping stones to the experience itself.   They are only a useful beginning, and can not substitute the experience.

To help individuals experience happiness and health the Lifetrack positive mental health approach contributes:

  • Definition of Spheres that contribute to building Psychological Well-being and Health in Positive Terms: Self, Intimacy & Achievement
  • Quantification of Positive Mental Health allowing one to track the subjective inner experience of Health and Well-being
  • Self rating providing individuals with a handle on the subjective factor that determines happiness and well-being; instant graphs and feedback available
  • Active advocacy role for Positive Mental Health by therapist or coach (objective subjective).  The therapist or coach gives feedback on self-ratings and reinforces gains, placing setbacks into perspective

The Lifetrack model of positive mental health  presented on this site meets all the criteria for models of Positive Mental Health (science of health) proposed by the renown psychologist Jahoda in 1958.  Since the Lifetrack model can explain the mind both in distress and well-being it is a useful model for the sick, the well and everyone in between.

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