Work Definition

Achievement Sphere

The achievement sphere encompasses the capacity to reach beyond the self through the productive, creative, and the constructive expression of one’s capacities.

According to Dr. Yukio Ishizuka, achievement is an indirect way of finding an intimate union or relationship with the world in which one lives.

Work an Indirect Quest for Love

Behind one’s work, career, athletics, hobbies or other intellectual and productive activities is the desire not only to subsist, but also to find meaning and achieve value, acceptance, respect, admiration and deep down love by doing something difficult or meaningful.

A person who is either unable or unwilling to build a relationship with the world through his or her constructive capacities may turn in desperation to destruction – an attempt to be noticed and counted and freed from total insignificance by a forced relationship of dominance.

The Achievement sphere dynamically interacts with the Intimacy and Self sphere.  Each of the three spheres influences the others.  No sphere exists in isolation.

Work Definition

The Achievement sphere encompasses one’s work (what one does for a living) or a passion, hobby, sport or daily activities (including if one is a full-time homemaker, caring for children).


The Lifetrack model of positive mental health defines achievement as adjustment at work and in daily activities including sports and hobbies that give meaning to our life. The achievement sphere encompasses Task Adjustment, the Self Dimension of Achievement, and Interpersonal Dimension of Work.

Task Adjustment: Your willingness and ability to cope with tasks and realities

Objectives: How well you can set objectives and maintain priorities
Mobilization:  The enthusiasm with which you handle tasks and realities
Effectiveness: How effectively you get things done

Self Dimension: Views of yourself within the context of achievement

Reality Grasp: How accurate is your grasp of realities around you (and within you)
Satisfaction:  How much satisfaction and fun you get out of achievement
Self Control: How well you can control your thoughts, feelings, and actions related to achievement

Interpersonal: Your views on interpersonal relationships within the context of achievement

Personal Closeness: How genuinely close you feel to colleagues on a personal level
Professional Closeness: The extent to which such closeness is professionally acceptable and workable
Self Control: Your willingness and ability to keep such relationships within proper boundaries

The Achievement Sphere consists of three dimensions (Task Adjustment, Self Dimension of Achievement, and Interpersonal Dimension) or 9 elements (objectives, mobilization, effectiveness, reality grasp, satisfaction, self-control, personal closeness, professional closeness, self-control).

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