Psychology and International Behavior

Crisis Management and Diplomacy

Ishizuka, Nathalie, “The United Nations as a Crisis Manager: Lessons from Preventive Mental Health to Preventive Diplomacy,” U.N. University, Eisaku Sato Memorial Foundation Award for Essay, 1996.  Longer Report Submitted to Kofi Annan and Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

Editors and Journals

If an editor is interested in a chapter for book format, or journal form, please notify the author. If you have a syllabus with assumptions about healthy human beings applied to organizations, economics, negotiation, political science or other fields please contact Nathalie Ishizuka through the Positive Mental Health Foundation Contact form.  She is interested in collecting these for future use and sharing.

For more on a Psychology of Health and Organizational, National or International Behavior See:


A Need for Models of Healthy Human Beings

Organizational and International behavior should be based on assumptions about healthy human beings.  Read section a Science of Health (life way), Criteria for Health Models (science of happiness), Happiness Defined? Quantified?  (cycle of life),  Happier? (fear of the unknown),  Why Positive Mental Health Works (objective subjective), and Insights (life purpose).

Visit to understand individuals at their best, happiest, and most creative form.  Link to us to promote health and happiness.

Ready Made Descriptions to Link to Organizational and International Behavior:

Individual Health, Organizational Health, National Health
Applications about healthy human beings to economics, international affairs, nations, organizational behavior.  A new organizational behavior concept or simply a new field of international behavior based on healthy human beings?

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