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New Irressistable Series for Children and Adults

A New Irressistible Series

“The Nat Says Series provides busy adults and kids with a better understanding of optimal mental health, how to fortify it and improve it– all while being entertained.”

Len Duhl, Professor of Public Health at Berkeley & Pioneer of WHO Healthy Cities Project in Europe

Busy Adults & Curious Kids
“Today’s busy adults and curious kids need to be entertained. They are not going to be found pondering over health pamphlets, working through a stress management program, or reading self help books, unless they already have a life changing problem and are in real pain. By then its often too late. The divorce has happened, the kids are hanging out with the wrong crowd or addicted to drugs, and one’s job has become so stressful that you don’t sleep well at night,” says author and illustrator, Nathalie Ishizuka. “Psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers can all do their part in helping us pick up the pieces, but somehow we have to help ourselves before things get that bad.”

Don’t Wait Until Things Fall Apart
Rather, than waiting until the pieces fall apart, Ishizuka wants to entertain and educate people before problems arise. Hence the birth of an entertaining illustrated health series, Mom Says, Dad Says, Nat Says: Other that reads much like the St. Exupery’s The Little Prince, but with a different message. The book is about optimal health, what we wished our Mom had told us, what our Dad may not have known, and what our own head and heart might still have difficulty grasping. Unless, like the characters in the book, your Mom has a ‘savoir vivre’ that is larger than life, your Dad an internationally renown Harvard trained psychiatrist on health, and you like the author Nat, has spent years trying to integrate both your Mom’s heart and your Dad’s head.

Enjoy Being Outside the Box
This heartwarming illustrated book is for busy adults and kids who have felt picked on (and who hasn’t), or constrained by a label (their own or someone else’s). Child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and teachers will also get a lift from its freshness. Through the surprising coping strategies in the book, being different, can suddenly become a formidable stepping stone to health.

Nathalie Ishizuka is a Franco-Japanese American author and illustrator of Mom Says, Dad Says, Nat Says: Other who has spent over 15 years writing about a model of health and happiness. Her innovative interdisciplinary approach integrating the psychology of individuals, organizations, and the nation state has lead her to work with people from many fields and to receive the George A. Plimpton Fellowship for the study of social, economic, and political institutions.

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